7-7:15 a.m. start times recommended.


This location is west of Tatum and east of #51.

Shea west to 40th St.

Left (south) on 40th  (about a mile) to parking lot.

There are hiking trails and close-up mountain views.

Park and paint.  There is a shelter and restroom facilities.

 Saturday, June 10  BROWN’S RANCH TRAILHEAD  APAP Paint-out. (ramada and cooler location)

McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Directions:  From the intersection of Dynamite and Pima:

East on Dynamite to Alma School Rd. (Stoplight)

This is about a mile uphill.  Speed is 50 mph with a traffic camera, so mind your manners.

North (left) on Alma School about .9 mile to the park entrance.  Watch for raised pedestrian walkways which act as speed bumps.

There are ramadas, restrooms, trails and large vistas.

FYI: The name of the main rock formation is “Goldie’s Butte”. 

June 14Cave Creek: Jewel Of The Creek   (cooler)    

Come to the town of Cave Creek.  You will be on Cave Creek Rd., the “main drag” which becomes an east to west route.

North on either Spur Cross Rd. or Basin Rd. for a very short distance.  Both roads go north from Cave Creek, and turn only one way onto Grapevine.  Either street will get you there.

Follow Grapevine a very short distance to Spur Cross Rd.

North on Spur Cross (will become a gravel road) until you see a parking lot on the left.  We will meet there. 

note:  Kitty-corner, across the street is the Spur Cross Stables.

This is a limited hiking opportunity.  Plan to strap your art stuffon your back or wheel it down the road. You can walk a much or as little as you choose.  There’s plenty to see, even from the parking lot.

June 21Cave Creek:  SURREY DRIVE WEST  (cooler)

From the south or west.

Come  to the intersection of Carefree and Cave Creek.

North on Cave Creek to Surrey.  Watch the signs on the right.  When you see Carriage Dr., get ready to turn left.  It's the next street.

Left (west) on Surrey to the top of the hill.

From the north or from the intersection of Pima and Cave Creek.

Cave Creek Rd. west past the Cave Creek Town Hall and Sheriff's station.

Stay in the right lane, but watch for street signs on the left (opposite) side of the road.

Right (west) on Surrey to top of the hill.

Views with good contrast are in every direction. Park it and paint it.

June 28Four Peaks (cooler)

Shea to 87 (Beeline Highway)

North (left) on Beeline about 4.5 miles past Bush highway to the entrance at Four Peaks.

The entrance will be on the right side as you come down a long hill.  Turn right immediately after you see the sign. 

If you are late, follow the main road until you see us.  We will be in a cluster about 2 miles in past the parking lot.

Keep going as straight as possible toward the four peaks.  You'll find us.