• Classic Sonoran Desert views.
  • Many different vantage points to choose from
  • See below for information on permits from the AZ State Land Trust

Arizona State Land Department

You should have a permit from the Arizona State Land Trust.


Fill out the form and send a check ($15 individual or $20 family use) and mail it to  Arizona State Land Department, 1616 W. Adams St., Phoenix, AZ, 85007.  Their phone is 602-542-2119.

Make a copy of the form and check to keep in your car until the form comes in the mail.  This will show that you have applied. 

From I-17 (near Carefree Highway):

North on 17 to Table Mesa Rd. which is exit 236

Right (east) onto Table Mesa Rd. which is a gravel road and goes straight east off the freeway.  

Go about about 8/10 of a mile.  You will come to a wire gate.  We will go through that gate and continue going straight east.  Do not turn right into the gate leading to the ranch.

You will be able to choose between a high vantage point (left fork) or a lower vantage point (right fork)  

Now go about another quarter mile and you will come to a wash. Choose from any number of possibilities, and have a ball.

FYI: Just before the gate, a second road goes off to the right through another gate which is always open and leads to a ranch. Don't take that one.  

After painting, we can choose to have lunch at  a local color cafe/sport bar called "The Roadrunner" off of exit 232, Streets Of New York (27th Ave. & Carefree Hwy.), El Encanto Dos (Carefree Hwy. west of Cave Creek), or another location.  There are any number of restaurants near I 17 and Carefree Highway.