• Great spot for breakfast
  • Meet at the back of the gravel lot, behind the restaurant
  • Trails, great desert foliage

Come to the town of Cave Creek.  You will be on Cave Creek Rd., the “main drag” which becomes an east to west route.

North on either Spur Cross Rd. or Basin Rd. for a very short distance.  Both roads go north from Cave Creek, and turn only one way onto Grapevine.  Either street will get you there.

Follow Grapevine a very short distance to Spur Cross Rd.

North on Spur Cross (will become a gravel road) until you see a parking lot on the left.  We will meet there. 

Note:  Kitty-corner, across the street is the Spur Cross Stables.

This is a limited hiking opportunity.  Plan to strap your art stuffon your back or wheel it down the road. You can walk a much or as little as you choose.  There’s plenty to see, even from the parking lot.